Alquimie, Edition Four Close
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From the publishers:

"With a touch of humour and hints of contemplation, Alquimie edition 4 celebrates a theme of growth and new beginnings. Real wine advocate Alice Feiring pulls a cork on the Australian wine industry, decanting a mélange of unique personalities worth visiting Australia for. On the flip side, wine consultant Sophie Otton visits New York City to provide a traveller’s perspective of the city that never sleeps. Ever considered starting a brewery? Moon dog owner Josh Uljans chats about the motivations required to brew good beer. 

Of beans and leaves; we ponder if Leonardo da Vinci created the Café au lait or perhaps more poignantly, what would have happened if w had never discovered the beans that define coffee. On a guided flight of tea, importer David Thompson leads us through his journey, stopping to embrace the curiosities of each origin. In the palate, we taste premium wine from Italy, whisky from Japan, antique wines from Jura and devise a dessert to match with a red wine."

Edition four of Alquimie features 160 pages with all design and art direction by ThoughtAssembly.

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