ThoughtAssembly, 2013 Close
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To celebrate the 2012-13 holiday season, ThoughtAssembly developed a range of limited wine bottles featuring ‘animated’ sleeves.

This project comprised the creation of two labels: one adhered to the wine bottle and then a secondary transparent outer sleeve, which fits snuggly over the first while still being removable. To create the animation effect, the first label was printed with a graphical combination of the numbers 12 and 13. These are individually blocked-out or revealed when the transparent outer sleeve is moved up or down. 

In addition to the custom wine bottles created to celebrate the transition between 2012 and 2013, a set of two letterpressed coasters were produced. The first coaster mirrors the aesthetic presented on the wine sleeves, showcasing a graphical line-based image of the numbers 12 being pealed off to reveal 13. The second coaster reveals the new Thoughassembly branding, highlighting our new logo — the letters ‘T’ and ‘A’ represented through an arrangement of geometric points. Both coasters utilize a simplistic colour scheme of silver and bronze letterpressed deeply onto coaster board by Taylor'd Press.